Baltazar Restaurant
VIP Airport Kuwait


Cocktail Bar

"Renovating a space, modernizing it to the extreme, but always maintaining the vital essence of the place. Designing is about offering a change while keeping the essence that makes us unique." JM Chirlaque

A unique Iroko wood bar, with an organic shape that evolves along its 10 meters, is one of the most complex and singular points of this concept. Fantastic and indisputable, it is the main visual reference, the attraction that captures our imagination.

On the other side of the bar, photographs of the city of Chicago from the early 20th century run along the wall. At the end of it, there is a small platform where you can sit on comfortable sofas.

A grid over the ceiling also runs across the bar, letting plants and light bulbs hang from it. This grid ends at the last wall of the bar, where the backlit logo crowns the entire image.
Eventually, the client did not choose this design and wanted to make a 180º change to the concept. Today, we are still working on the design of the bar, with a more Mediterranean concept.

Chicago Bar Concept
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