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Transforming workplaces into stylish and comfortable areas is not that difficult with us.

For this office refurbishment, we have chosen our Thompson model, a modern furniture line inspired by classic materials and colors such as walnut wood and beige lacquer. The large work table, the high-quality chairs with a swinging system (Wagner), the sofas, and guest chairs... Everything in the room is made to be comfortable and nice at all times.

All the elements in the design stand out for their superior quality. From the Volakas marble, with its pure white and beautiful gray veins, to the Wagner office chairs, and the high-end walnut wood finish. Everything about these offices can be summed up in one word: Quality.

Our commitment to quality and our installation service, featuring quick and excellent installers, make the entire process easy, fast, and simple, delivering the best of what we offer.
Koher Furniture remains at the forefront of design, but we don't want to forget that classic furniture deserves its own space.
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