Hotel Princesa
Fusion Restaurant

Gourmet Shop

The purity of white is used to highlight what is truly important: the product.

With simple, curved and straight lines, without striving for anything overly extreme and featuring a monochromatic color scheme, this gourmet store creates an environment where customers can fully concentrate on the products. The strategic placement of shelves guides the visitors throughout the space, while the addition of slats on the ceiling adds a distinctive touch, making it an exclusive venue.

The design is easy, yet of high quality. We utilised most premium-grade woods that are specifically treated to withstand the extremely humid climate of the Caribbean. The lacquering is impeccable and our dedicated assembly team ensures a seamless experience for the client in all project phases.

Simple doesn't mean bad. Often, the simplest designs are the ones that remove everything insignificant to focus on what is truly important.
Groumet Shop
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